The small studios have the sleeping area located right next to the kitchen area and sitting area – usually without sharing. However, these compact and open houses use glass panels and doors to create separate rooms with a glass wall. The clear nature of the support means that the sleeping space can still be considered as part of the whole, thus maximizing the compact dimensions of the space. A glass bedroom partition not only makes the function change accurate, but also creates a light cocoon around the sleeping space to give it the feeling of a safe haven; they can even help reduce the noise to help sleep better.

Our first apartment is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia, with an area of only 46 square meters. Muted accents of bottle green and deep black contrast with a pure white d├ęcor scheme. The Flos Mod 265 is a hinged wall lamp that crosses a gallery wall where artwork introduces new hues, including bright yellow. For more ideas like this, take a look at these living rooms with large murals.