Just about everyone likes the idea of having a stylish room, but this may be especially important for teens and 20-year-olds. For younger guests, a bedroom is not just for sleeping. Tween Rooms and Teen Rooms are a place where you spend a lot of your time hanging out and seeing friends – in real life or by video chat – and studying (hopefully) . The same can be said about the student population aged 20 to 30, and even about 30 years today! Thus, this collection of cool rooms covers a lot of ground to satisfy and satisfy the demands and refined tastes of newcomers, in a world more conscious of its style than ever before.

Take up the stakes. A raised floor has been integrated into one of the sides of this bedroom design, with a built-in niche to accommodate a mattress. The lowered mattress gives the impression that the bed looks like a simple blanket on the floor. A trio of bedroom suspensions float above the deck, like a hot air balloon sky, while a selection of unique floor lamps illuminate the side and foot of the bed.